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The humble aim of is to assist both locals and visitors to find venues and events in Brisbane that showcase quality beer.

We have a close-knit and rapidly growing beer community in Brisbane. The local establishments support and promote each other, and the punters actively embrace what's on offer. With new venues and events seeming to pop up on a regular basis, there is no shortage of brews or places to find them.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or submissions about venues and events in Brisbane, you can contact me here.

- Sam


Yes, you can find beer at any old pub -- you don't need my help with that.

The venue map on this site is designed to help people locate beer bars (or bottle shops) that have a decent range of independent/micro-brewed/"craft" beer (however you choose to classify it). It is intended for people who prefer quality over quantity, may be looking to explore new tastes or simply have a hankering for imperial stout*.

To make sure the map upholds a certain standard and therefore maintains its usefulness, it is unavoidable to have to set criteria for inclusion (as harsh as this may seem).

In the aforementioned criteria, "beer" refers to beer that is brewed for flavour as opposed to mass-appeal, and generally brewed on a small scale. Whether you want to call it craft, independent, micro-brewed or simply good beer, that is up to you. These criteria are a work in progress and may change over time. Taps may include cider. Numbers of bottle varieties are approximate.

*There are no guarantees regarding the availability of imperial stout.


Events should be beer-related. Self-explanatory. Tap takeovers, beed-food pairings, meet the brewers, festivals, rare releases, beer talks, etc. etc.


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And I owe Jack (The Westbender) a beer or two for the friendly advice.